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March 21 2017

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Y u pet me

Keep pet me

This always makes me happy, because the source video shows that the shark actually wanted this. It experienced it once and then kept coming back for more petting.

(also, because i’ve seen comments about this: the shark is able to breathe while still, not all species need to be in motion to pass water through their gills. If you look closely, you can see its gills pumping)

I would very much like if more people would pet sharks and be good to them instead of trying to hurt them please

Sharks are very lovely and should get pettings like these more :)

MythBusters did an episode on how to survive a shark attack and a shark’s nose is so sensitive that a gentle tap is all you need to drive it away. The guy sat on the ocean floor with a bucket of chum and didn’t get attacked once, when hungry sharks swam up he’d give them a boop on the nose and they’d swim away. So if the shark is friendly, pet the snoot. If the shark is dangerous, boop the snoot. Either way, no one dies. 

Boop the snoot

Reblogging for adorable shark and ‘boop the snoot.’

What a good shark

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  Hotline Miami (2) is coming
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March 14 2017

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March 11 2017

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Stop playing with your food, Gaku

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It's me for last year.
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Ist das schöööön... *träumt*
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all that money and no sauce. 


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March 09 2017

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